AEGON Funding Company LLC to Sell Subordinated Notes

Aegon Funding Company LLC will be selling a new issue of subordinated notes with a maturity date in 2049. These will likely be investment grade, but I don’t see a current rating from Moody’s or Standard and Poor’s.

AEGON Funding is a division of AEGON NV, the giant Dutch insurer.

The parent company has 2 outstanding issues which can be seen here.

The preliminary prospectus can be seen here.

As the name implies this issue will rank senior to common stock, but junior to any senior and/or secured debt in the capital stack.

14 thoughts on “AEGON Funding Company LLC to Sell Subordinated Notes”

  1. Early quote was 25.19 last trade but that was yesterday and I couldn’t get symbol to take on ticket

  2. I would be stunned if they did not redeem AEH, the 6.375% security, but then I am stunned they haven’t already.
    If you own AEH at its current price of 26.03, I would suggest you sell now.

      1. Since 6/15/15, on any interest payment date thereafter
        So, 12/15/19, or with one more distribution, if you prefer

      2. They have recently redeemed two others so it might work for you. But short margin rates are probably steep and you’d owe any dividends paid. Plus I think there are over 125 neg ytc now.

        It was a 900 million dollar issue so they do have enough coin to redeem aeh.

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