Adding More Spreadsheets

As we always note we are working continually on the site–you may not notice it too much because it is sometimes ‘behind the scenes”.

We have had a readers let us know when we are missing issues from the $25 Master List in particular but also other lists.

The $25 Master List continues to grow and contains around 600 issues which are preferreds stocks (including some convertibles being added slowly), baby bonds, and trust preferreds.  This sheet will open in a separate page which readers can copy if they desire.

Any time you see a link on a ticker symbol it will take you to the chart page with further detail and a link to the prospectus (although we continue to be adding detail–so some is a bit incomplete.

What we are adding now is ‘real time’ sorting.  We are adding the links on the ‘Preferred Stock‘ page.

The 1st new page we have added is the ‘Preferred Stocks of REITs’ page – sorted BY YIELD.  When you click the link you will immediately get the data sorted by current yield.  This page might take an extra 1/10th of a second to load as it has to sort and then display.

We will be slowly adding more info that we hope is helpful to folks.

7 thoughts on “Adding More Spreadsheets”

  1. My 2 cents ……….

    Don’t limit yourself to QID. Yes, you have higher taxes on non-QID but then you have higher interest rates to offset the higher tax (all else being equal, i.e. same credit, same term, etc.). There are lots of good non-QID issues to look at. m-REITs, e-REITS, Trust Preferred.

    When you do your spread sheets comparing issues, just adjust for taxes, so you are looking at all the issues on a comparable after-tax return.

    Non-QID are especially good in IRA accounts and even better in Roth IRAs.

  2. Hi Tim, thank you for the updates!
    I’ve been trying to do some due diligence – become informed – as this is new turf for me.
    Some preferred stocks seem to be issued by foreign companies. I may have spotted “N.V.” on a couple (or so) and gave prospectus a cursory read. Are some then subject to foreign tax withholding?
    I may have searched exclusively for preferred stocks with QDI distributions … so I am not certain how it all factors in when foreign taxes are withheld.

    Appreciate any help as well as to all those posting comments. Many thanks!

  3. Tim, you may wish to add the two new NCV issues to your CEF preferred stock spreadsheet.
    Best Regards, Wedgehead.

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