Adding Fundamental Data to The Website

Just a short note that we are in the process–a slow process–of adding fundamental data to the website for the ‘parent’ company of the issuers of preferreds and baby bonds.

You may have noticed a box that looks like this on each page of the income issue (only 100 issues are done so far).

The above is for Federal Agricultural Mortgage (AGM) and they have 3 preferred issues outstanding. So by looking at any of the 3 preferred issues you will see data on the ‘parent‘.

We have to do around 800 issues–so this will take until the end of March to complete.

After that is complete we will add another piece on the parent company–the latest income statement and balance sheet. This will go lower on the security page. Again we will have to go through all 800 pages to enter the widget.

After this we may add a news stream for each parent on the page–but this is not determined yet.

The intent is to bring all the company data together on to 1 page so one can do a little due diligence instantly.

25 thoughts on “Adding Fundamental Data to The Website”

  1. Great work Tim. I hope sometime soon you will allow us to contribute monetarily to help support the hard work and expense you incur to run the site. Maybe some play money for the grandkids. Quantum Online has a page to do the same via Paypal. I’m sure many of us would like to acknowledge your work by doing so.

    1. Gary A–I am pondered a concept of donation for all our regular folks and then for new folks something different (more).

  2. I’ll use this news as an excuse to come out of the shadows and thank you, Tim, for all you do on this site. And thanks to all for the daily commentary, from which I’ve learned a lot. Best from a former lurker.

    1. JP–no use staying in the weeds, the folks that comment are the absolute best.

  3. Kudos, Tim, top-notch as ever. The discussion and info sharing exchange you’ve created are truly remarkable. Thank you very much.

  4. Awesome!
    Btw, Prif-f isn’t in the cef spreadsheet yet.
    Thank you for your great service.

    1. Irish–I think it adds some value to the page. I’ll check PRIF-F. I can’t add them until one of the quote servers (google or others) have it in there system and they are slow as molasses.

    1. Tim
      l. One interesting piece of data, especially for the smaller issuers is which houses cover them. You can find this by going to a company website or short form going to sa and checking the transcript of their last CC but it is helpful data. Perhaps there is a way to get some of the data from sa , not sure if you want to do that but might be worth a think. cefdata seems to get a lot of data from morning star which is another way. Thanks all your efforts . sc

      1. sc–as always I want to add as much as I can, but unless I can automate it the process is too difficult. I have bunches of data automatically available and will keep adding.

        1. Tim- completely understand and like your other readers, greatly appreciate all your efforts. Mine was more of a wish list suggestion. If you do not hear it you might not added. In time perhaps. thanks again. best sc

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