Added Tab to Baby Bonds List

Just a quick FYI–we added another ‘tab’ to the baby bond listing.

This tab brings up the list “By Maturity”. Many times when a baby bond is within 12-24 months of maturity the price will trade in a ever narrowing range–meaning maybe less volatility. Investors can own a decent issue while collecting a reasonable return without so much fear of a large downward more in price (although of course this is not a guarantee).

The new list is here.

3 thoughts on “Added Tab to Baby Bonds List”

    1. You’re welcome Alan—fyi I see google quotes is a problem at this moment–hopefully just for minutes. If it remains a problem I will make a change.

      1. Tim, Quotes are working now. Many thanks for the best site on preferreds and for the continuous improvements and additions. God bless you.

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