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Added ‘Illiquid’ Securities Page

In an attempt to get some data and commenting in a central location I have added a ‘Illiquid Security’ page–you can find it in the right hand menu.

As always it is nice to have particular topic that is being discussed ‘here and there’ in one spot–thereby having a place for folks looking for that info to go to and additionally it moves it from other commenting areas thus making them a little easier to wade through.

2 thoughts on “Added ‘Illiquid’ Securities Page”

  1. Tim,
    Maybe a little bit of a intro to this title or a short paragraph with a explanation of a what is considered a illiquid. There is a couple things to be considered. In different areas of this website people have mentioned one form of a illiquid stock is their broker restricts the buying or selling of it even if it has a decent volume so people need to know their broker. Another is the exchange it is listed on which is sort of the same as my first example, although a stock listed on the Toronto exchange is not the same as the pink sheets. Availability of the stock of course. if there is only 200,000 shares left not many will trade.
    Our resident expert Grid might not want to always hang out here as it might get lonely !
    Even Grid doesn’t have his entire portfolio in illiquids, but some people might prefer a few just for a stable income. I own one Grid mentioned but for several reasons, its a gas utility, I somewhat know the area served and it has a history of increasing the dividend. No this is not Jeopardy !

  2. Thank you for this Tim

    If people keep all the illiquid talk to this page, it should help make things more navigable for those that are and are not interested in illiquid discussions

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