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A Very Solid Quarter for Amerco (UHAUL)

Amerco Corporation (UHAUL) released earnings and they had a very solid quarter.

Revenue jumped by over 20% year over year, while net income rose 6 times as compared to the quarter a year ago.

The earnings release can be seen here.

I mention this earnings release because of the UHAUL Investors Club which many of us have investment in–further information on the UHAUL Investors Club can be read here.

3 thoughts on “A Very Solid Quarter for Amerco (UHAUL)”

    1. Yes Max–I feel very good about UHAUL. While the interest has gotten kind of meager we have a decent chunk of IRA money with them.

  1. Thanks for the info Tim. I continue to invest in their 2 or 3 year notes. Modest interest rates but much better than money market accounts and the quarterly payments on each note are like clockwork.

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