A Very Limited Test

NOTE–at 5 pm central time on Saturday the new listing “broke”. I will work to have it back up later tonight.

Below is a link to a new income issue listing.


This is our Master Listing with ability to sort by multiple factors. I am removing some of what is on there already and adding more–so keep that in mind.

Also be aware I have locked cells etc for this copy, but as you that are versed in google sheets know if you open this while signed into google sheets you will find it in your list of sheets. That is ok because I intend that the final version will be available to you.

As always if you make a copy remember this is a far from completed version which will change a whole bunch. Also if you take a copy for yourself it will not update when I make changes so you may just want just leave it as is.

I am leaving this link up for the weekend (then I will be removing until the final version is ready)–keeping in mind this is a very rough version if you would like to give any feedback feel free.

HERE IS THE LINK (removed for now)

PLEASE if you want a copy for yourself please do the following–

Go to FILE, then MAKE A COPY and importantly RENAME. If you don’t do this and start making changes they show up on the public sheet then I have to fix it (no surprise this would happen). Thanks.

32 thoughts on “A Very Limited Test”

  1. 1.What’s the purpose of this list?
    2. What system allows you to calculate ytc.

    I can see all preferreds and do calcs with a proprietary system was wondering if there’s any open system.

  2. How do you register for the website? I heard it was possible to get email alerts when there are new posts but I can’t seem to find where to register.

    Thanks for everything you do!

    1. Tex–sorry your comments hit the spam folder for some reason. Yu can since up for alerts when the pop up asks if you want them or you can get a RSS feed of new stuff–go here for the RSS feed–


      There are no email alerts yet, but there will be in the future.

  3. Looks great. Thank you for the website! It is an incredible resource.

    I have a question. I heard it was possible to register with your website to get email alerts and such. However, I don’t see where to do it. Can you please let me know where I can find the registration function?

  4. Wow! That beats the heck out of cut and paste to Excel and then using their formulas to sort. That solves that, now if you could just do something about the shrinking rates on these IPO’s…..

    1. Pete—I’ve tried to ‘talk my book’—always bad mouthing their low coupons–they didn’t listen.

  5. Hi Tim, very useful indeed and greatly appreciated. If you allow me (and only if possible, no rush), below are some suggestions/comments that may further useful to some of the III (I cube?) visitors.
    1. CEF
    NCZ-A and NCV-A are IG but by Fitch. Perhaps no need to include an F column but show under either SP or M as F-AAA (likely, wishful thinking)
    2. MLPs
    could be further delineated into 1099- and K-1-issuers.
    3. Illiquids
    It would be useful to have an illiquid and/or OTC-traded category (or tab?), including the non $25 par issues. I do not recall any non-OTC illiquid but Grid could chime in. If my memory serves me, the recently called MTB- and MTB-C traded in NYSE but may have been considered illiquid.
    4. Reflecting on the number of comments, some may benefit from having a Maple Leaf category.
    But please only if time permits; no problem if not possible.
    You have done a bit on this site, spending considerable time and money on it. Please do not construe my comments as asking you to do more; you have done more than enough. You can count me as willing to pay a subscription (and hoping that you would continue to run the site).
    Thank you and best regards, No. 12

    1. Thanks aarod–good comments–some I can do some not, but regardless I like to see the feedback.

  6. This is going to be a great time saver. Thanks so much. You really do need to quit your day job and just charge us an annual fee. Your site is my daily go-to site.

    1. RayDaBoz–yes I agree–but my wife has decided she wants to work until the end of the school year and she won’t draw her SS until then–a part of the larger overall financial plan is her social security.

    2. Please stop advocating a subscription charge. Many of us are retired, living on fixed incomes, and paywalls are expensive, locking many of us out.

  7. Great idea! This has excellent potential. PRE-F Yield to Worst appears incorrect.

    Seems like I was wrestling for control on sorts with other members. How do I avoid that?

    1. mikeo–fixed the YTW. Yes I was afraid that would happen (fighting for control)–but that is exactly why I tossed it out now–so I could find out the issues.

      I think once it is done I may just have everyone take their own copy then everyone is full control. It would need to be refreshed every week or two to get updated data from me.

      I have a contractor working on this so not certain of all the answers now.

      1. I have a nitpick comment that may be just be a reflection of my neophyte status. Isn’t Yield to Call(YTC) a more accurate term than Yield to Worst(YTW)? Suppose I own a preferred that trades at $23, and can be called by the issuer in one month at a price of $25 + accrued dividends. If the issuer redeems in two years, my annualized yield is lower than if redeems on the first call date in one month. To me, YTW suggests worst case scenario yield (assuming no default). In the example above, isn’t the call at the first possible date really the best possible annualized yield? If everyone in the industry uses YTW, that’s fine. To me, it sounds more like YTB, and YTC is correct.
        On a slightly more substantive note, on a fixed to floating security, it would be nice to have a column indicating the date floating begins, and a second column that has the spread and applicable index, e.g. 3.5%+3mL, and any floor. (I have a feeling most comments will be requests for more information, and you can’t take them all. We can always look these up ourselves knowing it floats.)
        Also, while knowing the ex-dividend date is great, it would be nice to have an alert if a given security pays monthly or on some basis other than quarterly.
        I am thankful for all your wonderful work, and also thankful to the many community members here who have helped educate me.

    1. Yes Tom–I have at least 3 columns to add–ex, qualified/non and cum/noncum. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. Current Yield is Coupon/Current Price? I wonder if you can include YTM in addition to YTW. Thank you for the work.

    1. VinL–ytw is the same as yield to maturity. On perpetual stocks there is no true maturity date, so you can’t do a true YTM–so instead I can it YTW (being the 1st available call date). I’ll change the heading. Thanks

  9. Great work, Tim. One suggestion… Can you freeze the top panes so that the column headers don’t scroll off the page after you scroll down past row 37 or so?

    1. Duh–of course–that is why I tossed it out there–my wife says from time to time I miss the obvious.

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