3 thoughts on “A Short, More Recent, Investor Presentation from Oxford Lane Capital”

  1. Frantz Leroy Scott bought 400k shares of the new preferred (11% of the issue) to go along with his ~550k of other OXLC preferred issues.

    Who he be? Well for a decade up until 2018 he was a state senator from Connecticut. An article in 2015 described him as a thrill-seeking senator who proposed to his wife (nicknamed Icy) while piloting his plane upside down while flying over their hometown. He claims to “like adrenaline”. The article tells us Frantz lives by the “Buffett Rule,” but not the Warren Buffet rule… oh hells no. He means the “stepped on a pop top” dude. For the senator’s 40th birthday, Jimmy Buffett gave a private concert at Frantz’s house. “He’s a buddy from way back when”.

    Each of the couple’s four children is named after mountains: Hunter, Hanley, McKinley and Brady. None for Everest, though, which Frantz came within 700 feet of summiting but had to stop because of a storm.

    Just thought I’d pass it along. For those that own Oxford Lane its good to know who your co-investors are. That’d be Petey, Lola, Fonzie, Frantz and you.

  2. This was helpful. Thank you. This is a GREAT website. I owe you a number of steak dinners.

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