A Short Day Today, a Holiday and Employment Report Friday

Obviously with markets closing today at noon (CDT) it will be a rather quiet day–minds are elsewhere as we wind down into the 4th.

Friday we have the employment report for June and outside of something really crazy being reported, such as a loss of 100,000 jobs, there is likely to be no major reaction to the the report. With the 10 year treasury now trading under 2%, at 1.96%, certainly the direction could be confirmed, but I would think we are near the point where interest rates would stabilize and await further data.

The median forecast for jobs is 170,000–I think it will be softer than that–no scientific data on that guess–just a gut feel.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable 4th. Hope you are able to enjoy a little family time and get away from your computers and the markets.

16 thoughts on “A Short Day Today, a Holiday and Employment Report Friday”

  1. Wishing everyone a happy 4th; special thanks to Tim for his tireless work and great investment insights and perspective. Also thanks to those who comment with useful advice.. Nice to a clean, interesting site not littered with PC commentary.

  2. Happy fourth of July everyone. Let’s enjoy what this great country afford us to do. God bless the USA.

    1. Happy 4th to all…hope everyone can stay away from their laptops and phones for at least a day!

  3. Thanks Tim for all your hard work on this site. I visit a couple times every day. Let’s all hope the second six months will be as great as the first six months. Happy 4th to all have a great weekend.

    1. Twinjett–you are welcome. I would be happy with only 1/2 the sized gains in the 2nd half.

      1. Happy Fourth and thank you for all you do with this site.

        I always start this holiday by noting that my Financial Times has not been delivered and saying to my wife: “Their excuse today is that we kicked their ass!”

  4. Tim – I’m wishing you and your family a great holiday! Feels like we’re friends now. I am grateful to you and for this website community.

    1. Time for a ‘bear’ hug Bigbear…. Awwwwhhhhhh! Happy Wishes and Safe Traveling to everyone…

      1. Hi Tim,
        Just recently discovered your new site.
        Learned a lot and made some good profits following your old site.
        Hope you don’t sell this one in the near future.,

        1. ASPECULATOR-

          I was same as you. I loved the old site and was sort of lost for nearly a year until I found Tim’s new site. I think this is even improved. Enjoy. Happy 4th everyone!

    2. Me too. Tim. I am grateful to you and your great Website. All my best to you and your family.

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