A Few Site Tweaks and Changes

Chad has made a few tweaks and changes to the website this week. Tweaks and changes will never stop as we hopefully are always striving for improvement in data and information of all sorts (and thus we will never be done buidling the site).

1st off on the “security” pages. Chad added “Approx” on the ex-dividend date. The info on the security page is a calculated number and likely off a few days from the actual date so we wanted to clarify that for folks.

Also on the “security” pages he added a spot for “All SEC Filings”. We had the link to the prospectus for the individual issue, but we are in the process of adding a link for the SEC page with all company filings. As always this process is ongoing and will take some time to complete.

You can see what I am talking about here.

Lastly Chad added a box for searching by parent (issuer) ticker which shows up on each page of the site. Currently you could go to the ‘security finder’ page to get this info, but we wanted it front and center where it is an easy execution. So if you search for PSB (PS Business Parks) in this box this is what you get

7 thoughts on “A Few Site Tweaks and Changes”

  1. I don’t think I say it enough, THANK YOU Tim and Chard for maintaining this site. Both the content and the commentary are an invaluable resource in my seeking/researching preferreds.

    1. mikeo–small changes but I like the one with the ticker search. More to come – one of these days I hope.

      1. Having created and maintained several websites I know how much work goes into it. I’m very appreciative of this site and your efforts with it.

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