A Few Interesting Items from Readers

I know that many of you check the “Reader Initiated Alerts” on a regular basis, but for those not checking it continually here are a couple of interesting items from participants.

Eugene posted as press release announcing the cancellation of the Medallion Financial f-t-f preferred stock issue. I believe this is the 3rd high yield issue cancelled in the last 2 months. The press release can be found here.

Alpha 8 posted a link to an article on SOFR (Secured Overnight Financing Rate) which might be a replacement for the Libor rates which are going away in 2021–this is important to holders of fixed-to-floating rate preferreds as they almost all drive off 3 month Libor. Here is the article from Reuters.

There is lots of other good stuff that crosses through this page as well–BUT we clean off older stuff every few days so you have to check it kind of often.

One thought on “A Few Interesting Items from Readers”

  1. Thanks for providing this summary, Tim. I’m still looking for a way to stay in touch with this site, and perhaps this can be it if you are willing.

    I thought the comment feed was a solution but it’s totally overwhelming and mostly low-value for someone not actually involved in the discussions (not having infinite free time to do so).

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