A Couple Website Changes of Note

Chad who handles the website changes for us made our changes pretty quick–like within hours–got to love action that quick.

Some of the changes no one will see but me–but a few that you can see are the following–

The READER INITIATED ALERTS is in the right hand column.  If you have something like a new issue that you want folks to see ASAP you should post it on that page–readers should check that page often if you want the most up to date alerts from others.  Also it allows me to see the item quick so I can get a headline out if necessary.

Also in the right hand column is a RSS (real simple syndication) feed.  Some of you likely are familiar with RSS feeds, but for those that are not you have to add a feed reader to your browser–very simple if you use Google Chrome.


Add the Feed Reader to the browser.  Then you can click on the RSS feed in the right hand column.  A small icon is added to your tool bar in the browser and any time we add a post to the home page you get a little notice in the top right hand corner of your browser–very slick to use.

We use a RSS feed from the SEC to get all kinds of stuff as soon as it hits the SEC site.

Lastly the ‘search’ function on all the pages now includes items in the comment section.  Not sure if this is helpful as it may make search results too ‘busy’ to be useful.  If it doesn’t work well we can always make changes to either further refine or remove altogether.

22 thoughts on “A Couple Website Changes of Note”

  1. Inspbudget, Larry, and others: Regarding my posting about the Feedbro extension in Firefox, I simply installed it and then there was an option when I clicked on it to “Find feeds in currrent tab”. As long as you tell it to do this while on one of the pages on Tim’s site, it will bring up some options for you to subscribe to. I chose these, which I believe you can manually add into any RSS reader… One will get you alerts on new blog postings and the other will get you the alerts for every individual posting made to those pages (or at least that’s my understanding). Here are the links:


  2. Tim, if your plans for the site include making some of your posts “sticky” for easy re-reading, I vote for this one: “Clarifying Ex-Dividend Dates and Record Dates.” I just had to refer back to it and the good news is the search function found it when I searched for “record date”, but I don’t know how far back the search will look if I need it in the future. That post and the associated comments are priceless IMO. Thanks to you and the others for all that info.

    1. Hi Bruce–some others find significant value in the comments (as I think everyone does) as I was asked to try to get our search set up to include comments in the search results–so that was a change we just made.

      1. Very cool on the RSS feeds. It was getting chaotic to track comments in the articles because they could be anywhere in the document. Now i can click on any “unread comment” and it take me right to it.

        Thank you for all your hard work!

  3. Hi Tim, I am on a Mac OS. I don’t see these changes using the Safari browser, is it supported or I am not looking in the right place. cheers.

    1. Jay, you may have to go into settings, then into Safari or wherever the settings are for Safari and allow popups, allow javascript, etc. Basically, I’d allow everything to see if it works for you and then go back and tighten the security up until you find a happy medium. Some WordPress sites just simply won’t display properly on MacOS – depending on all the plugins running on the site.

      1. thanks Affinity. Without any changes to my browser settings this morning I see all the links on the right side of the screen… magically 😉 thanks Tim.

  4. I got a RSS extension loaded into my Firefox browser and found an extra bonus with it. Not only do I get alerted on new article postings by Tim, but I also have another feed running that gives me a list of every new comment posted by the folks in our community. Someone has asked about adding that type of functionality because the list off to the right sidebar only shows the last 5 or so comments. This RSS feed I added allows me to see at least the last 20 comments posted so that I can stay up to date if I’m away from the day trading for a bit.

    The name of the extension is called “Feedbro”. Just FYI. Not sure if it’s available for Chrome or not.

    1. To update my post, that RSS reader allows up to 100 of the last comments by folks to be recorded for you to go thru and keep up to date. It also has visual and audio alerts to let you know when new items are posted to the site.

      1. Thank you for the Feedbro information, I added it to my Firefox. Do I have to do anything else other than initiate a new feed with Tim’s URL ?

    2. I read Tim’s RSS through Feedly along with perhaps 100 others. Are you saying that Tim is providing a separate RSS feed for article comments? That would be very unusual.

      If I could screen for worthwhile, on-topic comments… and screen out the stream-of-consciousness and minute-by-minute trading activity that some users just can’t stop posting… now that would really be great. But that’s probably asking too much.

      1. Larry–no-not on the comments. I know a long time ago you mentioned you had found a way to do a feed–what I have done is supplied what I think is a straightforward way to set up a feed.

        1. Tim, Feedly is able to find a RSS feed called “Comments for Innovative Income Investor”. If you didn’t create it, who did?

  5. Well my Oct.-Dec. losses have been completely erased with another 1% up day. While I bought some high yield @ the Dec. lows, not panicking out helped tremendously.


  6. Tim,
    Side note. One the alphabetical list of issues, I see that ALL-E is missing from the Allstate section of pfd’s. It’s a 6.625% perpetual.

    1. Hi Affinity4Investing–will get it.

      That reminds me to add a new link on the sidebar for ‘omissions–thanks

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