A Couple Partial Calls in BDC Baby Bonds

As pointed out by readers in the last couple of days there have been a couple partial calls of baby bonds by 2 BDCs.

Capital Southwest Corp (CSWC) today has announced a call of 1.4 million shares (just under 50% of shares/bonds outstanding) of their 5.75% Notes (CSWCL) Due 2022. The partial call will take place on 4/3/2020. Shares closed at $25.40 today.

MVC Capital (MVC) has announced last week that they will call 800,000 shares of their 6.25% Senior Notes (MVCD) due 2022–this is less than 20% of the baby bonds outstanding. The call is for 3/26/2020. These shares/bonds closed at $25.56 today.

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    1. Thanks bob–I tweaked–you would think I would have it right since I own some.

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