9 PM Central Time – Global Trading

After a rocky start to global stock trading tonight, China, Japan and U.S. stock futures have all turned nicely higher.

The S&P500 and DJIA futures are both up near 1%–not a giant move higher, but maybe one which is signaling that the world isn’t going to end (of course we all knew that–but are waiting for the markets–to get a bit rational).

Gold is higher, crude oil has turned higher as well.

Thus far we have seen no publicly announced central bank action, but all are thought to be at the ready if necessary. No doubt the ‘crash protection teams’ are at the ready.

2 thoughts on “9 PM Central Time – Global Trading”

  1. Not buying, not selling, collecting my dividends till this utter madness
    Finally let’s up.

    1. Stay alert for parallel trades. I sold NRZ-B and simultaneously bought NRZ-A for nearly the same price. They should be 50 points apart. That’s just one example of the crazy things that happen when the markets go haywire.

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