$25 Master List Link–Corrected

Corrected Google Doc Instructions.


We have a link for copying a spreadsheet that we call the $25 Master List.

Here it is.

PLEASE NOTE–there are about 12 issues where the price works/doesn’t work–seldom can you get these quote folks to get their act together.

NOTE–If I remember right I may have an imbedded script in this spreadsheet – hopefully it won’t cause too many problems for users.

You should be able to clink on the link above and the spreadsheet will pop up–it is a google doc.  If you want a copy for yourself click–FILE–MAKE COPY, then give it your name.  I think most of the readers know how Google Docs works.

If you make a copy for your own use it will be a new spreadsheet and will NOT update as we make changes (for instance someone is working on putting links on the ticker symbols for issue details).  We suggest getting a new copy every few weeks to have the latest updates.

We will post a link on the ‘preferred stock’ page in the master menu for permanent reference.



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