How About Some Ready Capital Baby Bonds?

Of course we have investors of all types on the website, but as I was “shopping” for myself last night I came across an interesting baby bonds that really fits in my wheelhouse.

Ready Capital (NYSE:RC), a mortgage REIT, has a baby bond outstanding which is now in the early redemption period, which started 4/30/2019.

This issue is the Ready Capital Corporation 6.50% Senior Notes. The price of this issue has trended down lately as investors are anticipating a ‘potential’ call. This puts the current price at $25.35. The issue has a maturity date of 4/30/2021.

This particular issue has a 1% bonus payment if called before 4/30/2020–8 months from now so it would be called at 101%–$25.25–so no call risk at this particular time and price.

You may recall that RC just sold a 6.20% baby bond on 7/18/2019 so we have a decent idea of what type of coupon is available to them–we think they need a better coupon to be motivated to call the 6.50% issue–but one never knows.

Whether you believe you want to be involved with Ready Capital securities is an individual matter, but for myself, given the current interest rate situation, I will likely pick up a small position today. Each investor should do their own due diligence and see if this one might work for them.

Summary–RC has decent financials, the issue has no call risk, the coupon is superior to what is generally available right now, the issue has a maturity in less than 2 years.

JMP Group to Sell Baby Bonds – Correction

Correction–as Citadel points out they have not actually called for redemption of the old 8% issue as of this time. The registration statement states they intend to redeem all of the JMPB issue.

Securities dealer JMP Group LLC (NASDAQ:JMP) will be selling a new baby bond offering.

The company has NOT yet announced that they will be calling their 8% baby bond issue (Nasdaq:JMPB), which had previously been partially called on 7/31/2018, but within the offering documents they do state they intend to call these baby bonds.

Preliminary details of the new offering can be read here.

Thanks to Fabrib for catching this one last night under “Reader Initiated Alerts”.

Gladstone Capital Redeems Term Preferred

Again one of our holdings is being redeemed.

BDC Gladstone Capital Corp (NASDAQ:GLAD) announced the intention to redeem their 6% term preferred effective 10/2/2019. Fortunately this call only cost investors a few pennies as the issues was already trading with a potential call in mind. The earliest the issue could be redeemed was 9/30/2019.

The company is using their current credit facility to make the redemption. Our suspicion is that the company will come forward with a new term preferred with a coupon in the 5.25% to 5.50% area in the next month or two–and they will get it done because of the almost desperate need by investors for yield.

For years I have set 7% as a goal for our accounts. It is obvious that most likely this is 1 or even 2% too high (over the next year or two). Certainly an investor might garner some capital gains, but when I am studying quality issues with 5-5.50% coupons you find something that “works” in terms of call protection, 7% annually doesn’t really seem likely.

Interest Rates Remain Tame while Stocks Gyrate

I have been away for a couple of days and kind of out of touch with markets, but have to get back in the “swing of things” today or at least by tonight.

Interest rates have remained pretty tame for the last 3 days–it is hard to imagine them moving higher more than a few basis points, but we all know they can move lower on global weakness–and will eventually.

Powell speaks on Friday in Jackson Hole and hopefully he can get through the speech without moving markets around–really what is the point of even speaking, everyone knows where they are going with rates. On the flip side I guess the traders need a reason to move markets around–what else do you do during the deep dog days of summer.

Monday Morning Kickoff

The SP500 moved in a range last week of 2825 to 2943, closing at 2889–moving in a 4% range throughout the week is still plenty of movement and I think portends another somewhat wild week ahead for equities. Whether the moves are up or down is the question–we can see that at 6 am CST the futures are up about a percent.

The 10 year treasury moved in a range of 1.47% to 1.72% before closing the week at 1.54%. We are at the point where maybe we will see some stability in rates given that the domestic economic data is pretty decent.

The average $25 preferred stock and baby bond moved 13 cents higher last week and there are 152 issues trading at $25 or below.

The Fed balance sheet which now is in a supposed neutral mode grew by $5 billion last week, after growing $2 billion the week before.

Last week we had 2 new income issues announced.

Merchants Bancorp (NASDAQ:MBIN) announced a new fixed-to-floating rate preferred with an initial coupon of 6%, which begins to float in 2024. The issue is now trading at $25.65.

Brookfield Property Partners (NYSE:BPY) sold a new fixed rate 6.375% preferred issue trading under OTC ticker BKOYF. The issue is now trading at $24.99. This issue is a K-1 issuing security.

Website Changes

It never ends of course, but it is likely next week you will see some minor changes in the website. This will be things like font sizes etc.–nothing in terms of function.

Additionally I asked Chad to give us some options for commenting–I know that you all would like to see something where you could sort more specifically by topic or have a listing of comments from any given user. I have done some of my own research and have found some good add ons for wordpress–but being an old dude I need the younger tech folks to tell me what I can’t do–you can’t do this and you can’t do that. Well I kind of want what I want and I will figure out something–just might take a month or two–and usually when I say to ‘do it’ after they say it can’t be done it is just a matter of $$$.

Lastly under “coming attractions” is a project that I just initiated a week ago yesterday. Since it is new and not even close to complete (or even barely started) I can’t give many details–and it will take a month or two (or three), but let’s just say that all those damned Google Sheets slicing and dicing all the preferreds and baby bonds will go away and you will be able to slice and dice 700 securities (or more) the way you want to cut them. I am really excited about this project–truly, and I don’t get too excited about anything. Last Thursday I contracted with an ‘expert’ to execute this for us and committed a decent amount of money to getting it done–lots of steak dinners.

Ending the Week on a High Note

Looking at the bounce in equities today makes me wonder if this rally is here to stay–or do we get another plunge next week?

Right now I am mostly watching and waiting–I’m waiting to see how many high quality low coupon preferreds will be redeemed–I’m waiting for the China resolution (and not holding my breath)–I’m waiting for a market panic so I can scoop up some bargains. I’m waiting for a lot of things to happen–all which I believe will happen, but I have no idea when they will occur.

Yesterday our reader Fred noted that retail REIT Kimco (NYSE:KIM) was selling a 3.70% note with a maturity out in 2049–sick–30 years at 3.70%!! They will redeem the KIM-I 6% preferred issue and the KIM-K 5.625% preferred issue. Look for lots more of this kind of stuff ahead.

This afternoon we let go of our Saul Centers 6.875% preferred (NYSE:BFS-C) at $25.48. I had picked up a modest position last week when big sellers dumped the share price down to $25.05 (I paid around 25.11 on average). I know quite a few of you got on board as well. This issue will be called soon so the price should stay at $25.60 or below. It is trading around $25.47 right now so it has maybe 15 cents of call risk in it (assuming a 30 day notice is given). We just wanted a 1 or 1.5% gain so we got it and we are out.

Also we note that ‘fake utility’ Just Energy (NYSE:JE) has been taken to the woodshed bigtime. Looks like their 8.50% fixed-to-floating preferred (NYSE:JE-A) has taken a $6/share haircut since Wednesday and is trading at $17.24. So far the peer Spark Energy 8.75% fixed to floating rate has not fallen much in sympathy. I no longer hold much of the Spark Energy issue–it took a long time to get a meager profit from that ‘fake utility’ and I am not made for those wild rides.

Strong Economic Data Releases Soothes Markets

While we have seen wild recession fears the last couple of days this morning the U.S data releases have been strong.

This morning retail sales were released at up .7%—against a forecast of up.3%. Taking out autos sales were up 1% against a .2% forecast.

The Philly Fed manufacturing index was at 16.8 against a forecast of 10, while the New York empire state manufacturing index was at 4.8 against a forecast of 3.

Of course by now everyone has seen the Walmart sales numbers and profits—stellar—“party on Garth” (and Walmart).

After the release of this data the 30 year treasury popped back over 2% after falling below 2% for the first time in history.

While the above may serve to sooth the markets for now we know that if we get a number of days like yesterday where the DJIA plunges it will be trumpeted across the news continually–consumer confidence can be shattered as they look at their 40lK statements and recession can become a self fulfilling prophecy. We need to watch consumer confidence numbers in the months ahead.

We fully expect markets–interest rates and equity markets to gyrate – up and down for the next week — at least.

Also we are on the watch for the redemption of many, many baby bonds and preferred stock issues as companies rush to lock in long term coupons at extraordinarily low rates. Obviously we can’t react until these redemptions happen, but we will survive, albeit at lower coupons.

Lots of Fear in the Markets

Wow–there is a rush to ‘safety’ today. Some folks think U.S. Treasuries are safety as the 10 year has plunged down to 1.58% at this moment. Others think that buying gold is safety as the yellow metal has spiked up by $19/ounce.

For me it is sit and watch mostly. It looked dangerous all week–that fake-out rebound in stocks yesterday was almost a gift and I took a modest position in Proshares SP500 UltraShort (NYSE:SDS) which is proving to add nicely to 1 account today–I have moved my stop loss 3 times today following the market down. This is something I seldom do and when I do it more often than not I am wrong and lose money.

The preferred and baby bond arena is not selling off to speak of–plenty of stuff off 1/2% to 1%, but nothing dramatic–but that could come yet later in the week. Do we get a full blown panic and a dash for the doors? No one knows, but it could happen and we all need to have a strategy mapped out–what would you buy if preferreds fall 5% or 10%? What might you sell to redeploy elsewhere? As always I can’t direct anyone to investments, but income investors need to give this some thought today and tonight. Let’s not be caught without a plan.

A good place to watch the general action in large losers is this listing here. Right now (at 12:30 CDT) it isn’t showing anything out of the ordinary–but it might later. Most losers are the usual suspects–mall reits, shippers etc, but what tomorrow brings no one knows.

Brookfield Property Partners LP Prices Preferred Offering–Ticker Update


Bob in Thailand points out that the OTC ticker has been released as BKOYF.

Brookfield Property Partners LP (NASDAQ:BPY) has priced their new offering of preferred units.

The new units will have a fixed coupon of 6.375%. They have sold 10 million shares and they will be cumulative, but non qualified.

Being a partnership this issue will generate a K-1 for tax time.

Even though shares will likely trade on the OTC Grey market today the ticker has not been announced as of yet. We will post the ticker when known.

The pricing term sheet can be read here.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Investor Presentation

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (NASDAQ:CSSE) has posted a new investor presentation.

The company has one of the highest couponed preferred stock currently outstanding. CSSEP has a coupon of 9.75% and pays monthly. You can see it here.

The presentation can be seen here.

As they say—high risk/high reward.

Brookfield Property Partners LP announces New Preferred Units

Brookfield Property Partners (NYSE:BPY) has announced the offering of new preferred units (MLPs issue ‘units’ instead of “stock’). The new issue will trade under the permanent ticker symbol of BPYPO. The issue should trade on the OTC Grey market prior to permanent trading on NASDAQ, but the OTC ticker is not yet known.

Being a partnership this issue will come with a K-1. It will be cumulative as well as having an early redemption period starting 9/30/2024.

Being a Canadian company (and registered in Bermuda) you might have your broker withholding taxes depending on your brokerage firm. Also some might try to charge a extra commission to purchase shares of a “foreign” company. This is dependent upon the type of account you purchase it in and your particular broker.

BPY already has 1 preferred unit issue outstanding which carries a 6.50% coupon. You can see it here.

The preliminary prospectus for the new issue can be read here.

Thanks to Eugene for getting this out early in the Reader Initiated Alerts about 2 hours ago.

Merchants Bancorp Price FTF Preferred

Indiana banker Merchants Bancorp (NASDAQ:MBIN) has priced their new issue of fixed-to-floating rate preferred.

The 6% fixed rate starting coupon is followed in 2024 with a floating rate coupon of 3 month Libor plus a spread of 4.569%

The issue should trade immediately on the OTC Grey market.

The pricing term sheet can be read here.

Merchants Bancorp to Sell FTF Preferred Issue

Indiana regional banker Merchants Bancorp (NASDAQ:MBIN) has announced a new fixed-to-floating rate preferred issue. Merchants is a relatively small banker with $5 billion in assets.

Of course being a bank the issue is non-cumulative, but qualified. The early redemption date is in 10/2024 (and of course also when it begins to float)

The bank has announced a permanent ticker of MBINO on NASDAQ after OTC Grey market trading–the OTC ticker has not been announced.

The preliminary paperwork can be read here.

The company has another fixed-to-floating outstanding with a 7% coupon which can be seen here.

George was quick on the draw for a Monday morning on this one and via “Reader Initiated Alerts” alerted me to this issue. George is ‘hearing’ 6-6.125% on the fixed coupon.

Monday Morning Kickoff

In one of the “wildest” weeks of the year in common stocks the S&P 500 traded in a range of 2822 to 2939—about a 4% range. It had opened the week at 2898 and gyrated around before closing the week at 2619.

The 10 year treasury gyrated as well trading in a range of 1.59% to 1.79%–a very large range, before closing at Friday at 1.73%. Recall it was just 2 weeks ago that the 10 year closed the week at 2.08% so at the low of last week it was off 40 basis points.

The average $25/preferred stock and baby bond closed at $25.26 which is movement up of 1 penny from last week. There are 149 issue trading at $25 or below–this is 10 more issues than the previous week.

The Fed balance sheet grew by $2 billion last week. Recall that Fed Chair Jay Powell has announced an end to quantitative tightening (the end of the runoff)–we will follow this for a while to make sure that is the case. Recall that the Fed balance sheet hit a high of $4.51 trillion back in 2015 (it was less than a trillion in 2009) and then the runoff began which took us to the current level of $3.78 trillion.

We had 2 new income issues announced last week.

Aspen Insurance Holdings (NYSE:AHL) announced a low investment grade fixed rate preferred with a coupon of 5.625%. The issue is trading on the OTC yet under ticker AHLNF and last traded at $25.20.

New Residential Investment (NYSE:NRZ) sold a new issue of fixed-to-floating rate preferred with an initial coupon of 7.125%. It is trading under the OTC ticker of NRZEP and last traded at $24.99.